Location: Mahahual, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Date: Nov. 30, 2021

Having positive internal thoughts while wiping down the kitchen counter at the home of a traveling friend I met in Madrid back in 2019.

I was tired of doing the same routine Monday through Friday: Wake up, go to work, go home, repeat. One of the worse feelings in life is waking up and feeling that life is just a complete circle. As someone who have had panic attacks (even at work), I was getting tired of not living life to its full potential, even if it means just lounging at a beach all day and do absolutely nothing.

I have always heard other backpacker’s stories about how taking a year off has changed them completely and now I can guarantee that this is true, I do not feel like the same person that left New York in July. In the upcoming days I will have 5 months since I quit my job, gave up my apartment, and grabbed my bag to live life.

Many said that I was crazy to leave my job, others praised me because they understood my feelings. I tried to explain my reasons for doing so but if someone is not on your shoes or have an ideal lifestyle different than yours, it’s hard for them to understand completely. Just live life how you like because you never know if you will even wake up tomorrow.

Was I afraid to do this? Yes. Do I regret it? No.

The idea of society that you must go to university, work 25-30 years at a job, retired was not something I saw myself doing at the age of 25. Do not get me wrong, I’m glad I got to experience the college life in my 20s, my career prepared me professionally to work anywhere I would like, I have gotten job offers while traveling so I know there will be a job anywhere in the States if I ever decide to return.

As many of you know, I’m not the greatest at writing but I will try occasionally to write my experiences and thoughts. On these travels I’m working on my procrastination, I have been organizing my videos and pictures and writing my experiences. I promise I will post them, even if it’s months later (joking but not really.)