how to travel for cheap

"You paid $90 USD for that flight?!"

I have heard friends and family say that they got their flight cheap, followed with a price that it is 3 times what I have paid. I am not saying that I'm an expect at finding the best deals as I'm still learning from others when they post tricks and “how to” on social media or their own blogs. I thought I should share some search engines and companies I have used in the past that are great places to look for cheap planned or last-minute flights.

Disclaimer: I do not receive any monetary compensation for links posted on this blog post.

1. Google Flights

This is the search engine I always use. To be honest, I think I check it at least every other day. Some people are obsessed with the newest videos on TikTok, I'm obsessed with the latest flight discounts on their site.

After finding a great deal on this site, I check the airline's own website to compare the difference of the tickets, but it always ends up being cheaper at Google Flights!

They are great for searching and comparing different airlines; therefore, I barely use the same airline for every trip as they compete between each other for you to book with them. The airline's main websites do post sales and specials seasonally so make sure to always check both. It is recommended to do your research on private mode as this kind of pages tend to increase their prices if they believe you are desperate to book a specific flight or city. I have booked a roundtrip flight from NYC to Spain (arrival to Madrid and return from Barcelona with a Geneva, Switzerland layover) for $275 USD.

Click below for their website:

Google Flights

2. Frontier airlines

Great for cheap flights but they do not include carry on, only personal items like a small backpack or purse. You can still use their cheap flights for long weekend trips. I used this airline when I went for a 5-day birthday weekend trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico with only my yellow backpack (pictures bellow) and some summer clothes rolled up inside for under $200 USD roundtrip.

Click below for their website:

Frontier Airlines

3. Spirit airlines

You might have come across a meme about flying Spirit but hey listen, I would take a flight at a cheap airline for $40 over the same one for $110 anytime! I have not personally used this airline, but I have heard and been told that it is a budget airline just like Frontier Airlines. They compete. I have had horrible experiences with major big airlines (I'm talking to you United Airlines with your overbooked tickets.) I do plan to use this airline if I see a destination that along with its price is suitable for my wallet. Many people have spoken positively and negatively about this airline so all I will say is book at your own risk.

Click below for their website:

Spirit Airlines

4. buses

Great economy buses to go to other states across the United States, U.S. to Canada, between Canadian providences, and across Europe (Megabus has been bought by Flixbus in Europe.) Their couch buses have seats that are reclinable, and they are comfortable. Did I forgot to say cheap?

I personally have used both bus companies in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. For the U.S. trip I got tickets for US$9 each way from NYC to Washington D.C.; one way from Toronto to Montreal for US$13; and Copenhagen, Denmark to Stockholm, Sweden for around 18€. I have had great experiences on all occasions.

A trick I have done is book a flight from one city to another that is cheaper and close to my destination and then take a bus to my planned location. Yes, it consists of transferring, taking a longer route but you can plan your layover for hours or days and explore another city or country. If you want to get the cheapest way, sometimes we must compromise with the destination arrival time.

Click below for their websites:

5. third party search engine

Every day I come across third party search engine for flights, buses, or both were they post specials on certain destinations. These are some of the alternative sites I search if I did not find an appealing price at the previous ones.

Click below for their websites:

I got a deal with Greyhound on one of these sites and went from NYC to Montréal round trip for $90 USD while at Greyhound’s website tickets were $70 USD each.

(It depends on the season and if companies give them the tickets to sell at a lower price.)


As you can see, there are many ways to score those cheap flights but the main way to do so is by being consistently searching for them on all the seasons and sometimes months ahead of the departure date. I have booked flights 6 months ahead for 1/3 of a fraction that it usually cost if you book it 1 or 2 months before. Therefore, start stalking those pages!

Do you have any search engine, site, or app you vouch for that is not listed here and you think we should know? Let us know down below!

Happy hunting!