Why are some Latin Americans so obsessed with the title?

I have taken noticed that some people from Latin America always end up pointing out that they are also Americans after I answer “Americano” (American) when asked about my nationality in Spanish.

Yes, there is an American continent, but we took dips on the name, get over it.

For example, someone from Bolivia would say they are Bolivian but will also try to say, “you can’t say you’re American, we are all Americans.” What gives a person from another country the authority to tell you how to say your nationality? After all, it’s part of your identity.

I’m sorry, but if you notice most countries use the last part of the name of their country as a citizenship such as República Dominicana (Dominican) and Estados Unidos Mexicanos (Mexican), so why when people from United States of America (American) tries to use it, there’s an issue? I have only seen this issue with people from Spanish-speaking countries. I have never had this experience with someone from Canada.

I was having a conversation about this topic with someone, and they recommended that we should instead call each other "United Statenian" I mean, seriously? How can you tell someone to change the name of their nationality because it does not fit to your liking? This would be the same as someone from the United States telling someone from South Africa to change their way of saying their nationality from South African to another because there are other south African countries on that continent.

Since WHen is okay to trash someone's country?

Sometimes I believe people feel more freely to criticize things from the United States because I have Latino background. I wonder if they would feel the same with a stereotypical person from the United States.

While I was at the local beach, I overheard a conversation between an Australian and American where a guy said to the American girl “Yeah, if you say you are from the States, you can see people’s reaction. They just hate the United States” and I couldn’t agree more.

Some people love to hate the States. I mean, is it so important for people to criticize someone else’s country? I know bad things from most of each country, but I keep it for myself when I meet someone from one of them as it is disrespectful to bash on their motherland. I could go on that we have certain liberations their nation does not have such as queer people being murdered just because their sexuality, equal marriage, women do not get prisoned for having an abortion (except some States), girls being able to get an education. They might want to talk badly for the U.S. but let’s be honest, which country is perfect? Heck even humans aren’t and that is the reason why countries are not because it is run by them.